15 of the Directory of International Trade in Natural Casings 40 Years The first directories of the international casings business appearing in 1911 1924 and 1927 it is nearly 50 later that another commercial directory is published in 1975 which brings together all important busi nesses operating in the international trade of the industry Its name is the present one Directory of International Trade in Natural Casings Personal contacts with merchants and organisations seem to form the basis for this reference book which in its first post war edition includes a lot of blank space for additions of any kind Changes of address are entered or business cards stuck in hand written comments made about companies All the same this directory of addresses comprises roughly 1 400 com panies in 59 countries In 1987 the Ulrike Lange Verlag publis hing house takes over the publication of the directory and carries it on until 1995 Innovations are carefully introduced provi ding addresses with additional information In 1999 appears the first edition of the directory published by Karsten Büttner Verlag publishers The Internet euphoria has also seized the major natural casings suppliers Everybody who is anybody has a website More than 60 of the companies by now at least have an e mail address Nevertheless fax and letter apart from the telephone are still the most important means of com munication available to do research for the new edition While preparatory work for the 1999 edition still took about 13 months this process has been cut down to seven months over the years Within a decade having a website becomes a widespread means of attracting attention also in the natural casings business For an illustrated and more detailed presentation just visit http directory natural casings com about 1975

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